Inverter Repair Services in pune

Inverter Repair Services in Akurdi

Inverter Repair Services in Akurdi. For all major brands including Livguard & Luminous

Inverter Repair Services In Akurdi

We offer Inverter repair services in many areas in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad.

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All Inverter Repair Services

Inverter Repair services

Inverter Repair Services

Through inspection & repairs of your Inverter problems like a continuous alarm blaring, water filling, low backup capability, noisy inverter, spark issue, etc by an expert engineer.

Inverter Installation

Installation of your New /Old Inverter by an expert engineer

Inverter Uninstallation

Uninstallation of your New /Old Inverter by an expert engineer.

Washing Machine Repair

Through inspection & repairs of your washing machine problems like noisy washing machine, excessive vibration during operation, spinning issue, etc by an expert engineer.

Washing Machine Servicing

Through cleaning of the washing machine by an expert engineer.

Washing Machine Installation

Installation of your washing machine by an expert engineer

Washing Machine Uninstallation

Uninstallation of your washing machine by an expert engineer.


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    Inverter Repair Services in Akurdi

    The hectic nature of Akurdi warrants an unwavering and dependable power supply to accommodate the schedules of its inhabitants. To meet this necessity, an inverter assumes great significance, functioning as a power backup during power outages and fluctuations, effectively keeping household appliances operational and secure. An inverter, just like other technical items, can experience troubles that might manifest in the future. Neglecting these concerns could lead to the inverter breaking down. Given such conditions, QuickFixs, a renowned Akurdi-based repair company, delivers swift and skilful inverter maintenance.


    Inverter maintenance is crucial because it helps avoid overlooking the fundamental causes of breakdowns. Seeking specialist help for inverter issues? Look no further! In Akurdi, our experienced staff offers dependable repair solutions at affordable rates. Moreover, frequent upkeep is vital to avoid extensive repairs, and that’s where Quickfixs shines, providing dependable inverter maintenance services in Akurdi, readily available to assist you at any hour. Our diligent crew is expeditious and effective in addressing service requests, entirely focused on offering expert guidance for every inverter-related conundrum. We provide specialised repair and maintenance services designed to accommodate the unique demands of each client sector.

    From various brands, we offer Inverter repair services.

    Technicians with extensive experience and knowledge handle inverter repairs in Punawale on behalf of our clients. From Luminous to Microtek, Exide, Amaron, and numerous other Indian inverter brands, we provide all-encompassing repair services.

    Luminous Inverter Repair Service

    Luminous’s strong track record in India’s inverter market speaks to its trustworthiness as a brand. If your Luminous inverter requires attention, our team of experienced technicians at Quickfixs is prepared to deliver efficient doorstep maintenance services and ensure effective repairs.

    Microtek Inverter Repair Service

    Microtek’s sterling reputation for reliable inverter solutions is second to none. Our skilled technicians at the repair facility are dedicated to delivering exceptional maintenance and repair solutions exclusively for Microtek inverters.

    Su-Kam Inverter Repair Service

    This reputed Indian company provides a comprehensive array of inverters designed for different uses. Should your Su-Kam inverter experience any issues, we are available to offer specialised repair services promptly dispatched to your home.

    Exide Inverter Repair Service

    The acclaimed Indian brand Exide provides a varied range of inverter systems. Whether you’re experiencing difficulties with your Exide inverter, our specialists will visit your residence to deliver dependable repair services at budget-friendly costs.

    Amaron Inverter Repair Service

    The exceptional toughness and consistent operation of Amaron inverters have won them many loyal customers. Any issues with your inverter? Our knowledgeable techs at Quickfixs are ready to offer expert repair solutions for trouble-free operation.

    Common Problems Seen in Inverters

    Quickfixs offers unmatched inverter repair services – Swift, reliable, and affordable! With their combined efforts, our team ensures timely and precise resolutions to inverter challenges. For all types of issues, from erratic performance to unusual noises, Quickfixs is the optimal solution provider, offering an exhaustive array of repair options.


    Should your inverter fail to function optimally, rest assured! A skilled crew of specialists stands prepared to aid you. Harnessing their comprehensive understanding, we can detect and fix multiple types of frequently encountered electronic issues, encompassing defective circuitry, damaged capacitors, or ageing power components. Count on our fast and dependable service to swiftly restore your inverter to smooth operation.

    Power Fluctuations:

    For constant interruptions in your inverter’s power output, Quickfixs has the answer! Our dependable and effective services address issues associated with power irregularities. A team of knowledgeable professionals will exhaustively probe the fundamental issue at hand, be it a malfunctioning voltage controller, an injured transformer, or some other underlying difficulty. Rest assured; we’ll efficiently repair your inverter and restore a stable power supply without delay.

    Unusual Noises:

    Prevent peculiar noises from your inverter from causing unease. Trust our capable technicians for reasonable and reliable repair support. Recognised sounds could represent problems with fan motors, air conditioners, or internal components. The experts will scrutinise the problem and restore it expeditiously, guaranteeing your inverter resumes its unobtrusive and effective performance.
    Overheating Concerns :
    Overheating problems with your inverter? Quickfixs is ready to offer support. Sustained heat waves can cause system failures and part damage internally. Our knowledgeable staff will thoroughly investigate your inverter, identify the primary reasons for abnormal heating (such as restricted airflow or faulty fan operation), and execute comprehensive repairs to restore optimised temperature performance.
    Display or Control Panel Malfunctions:
    Have no qualms about inquiring for assistance if your inverter’s display or command board creates issues. Quickfixs possesses the capabilities to tackle problems with remarkable skill and accuracy. Whether it’s a flickering display, unresponsive buttons, or incorrect readings, our specialists will diagnose the underlying causes and conduct meticulous repairs to ensure accurate and reliable functionality.
    Battery Charging Problems:
    Dealing with battery charging troubles in your inverter system? Quickfixs is here to resolve the issue promptly. Our expert team will carefully examine the charging circuit, battery connections, and charge controller to identify the problem’s source. No matter what the underlying issue may be, our team will expertly repair your inverter to restore reliable battery charging and extended backup capacity.
    Consistent maintenance is required to reduce the likelihood of complex inverter fix tasks. Frequent inspections for these factors can preempt potential problems. By complying with the manufacturer’s usage and maintenance instructions, including avoiding overloading or combining your inverter with unfit devices, you can greatly extend its useful life. In the event of difficulties, Quickfixs offers extraordinary assistance. Visiting our website or contacting us direct can grant you access to exceptional inverter maintenance solutions nearby.
    In Akurdi, where energy is a critical resource for its busy inhabitants, inverters perform a vital function in providing backup power. A trustworthy service provider like QuickFixs offers effective inverter issue resolution methods. Skilled professionals are standing by at QuickFixs to promptly address electrical issues and guarantee the uninterrupted use of household equipment. People living in Akurdi place their confidence in them to satisfy their needs and keep their psyches at ease in the face of the area’s rapid development.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Quickfixs provides a 30-days service warranty along with a 90-days warranty on spare parts.

    Quickfixs hires Engineers who have been in the industry for multiple years and runs a thorough background check on them. We also make it our goal to provide them with the best training when it comes to handling customers.  

    Our head office is based in Pimple Saudagar in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra. 

    The prices for Inverter repair services at Quickfixs vary depending on the kind of issue(s) you are facing. But our team offers the best & fair prices while keeping the benefit of our customers in mind.

    Yes, we provide a 30-day warranty on all our repair services and a 90-day warranty on all spare parts.

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