Cooler Repair Services in Kothrud​

Cooler Repair Services in Kothrud, explore our other appliance repair services in pune.​

Cooler Repair Services in kothrud​

Explore Cooler Repair Services in Kothrud

room cooler

Personal Coolers

Quickfixs provides personal cooler repair services, provide solutions for problems like motor malfunctions, noise issues, water leakage problems and many others.

bajaj coolers

Tower Cooler

If you are looking for a Symphony Tower cooler repair service centre near you. Quickfixs has skilled technicians who can solve problems at very reasonable Rates.

window cooler

Window Coolers -

Window coolers mostly face problems of low cooling, we are here with the appropriate tools and knowledge, and provide the best services with offers on spare parts.


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    Why choose Quickfixs Cooler Repair Services in Kothrud

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    High-Quality Cooler Repair Services

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    Qualified Engineers

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    Domain Expertise

    Facing cooler issues? Don't worry Quickfixs is near you with Cooler Repair Services in Kothrud -

    Kenstar Cooler Repair Services -

    Kenstar has a wide range of electrical products. Kenstar has a range of coolers like desert, personal, and portable, and also has a variety of designs for industrial coolers.

    Havells Cooler Repair Services

    Havells offers a wide range of durable, energy-efficient ceiling coolers in several hues and designs. We offer reasonable Havells servicing delivered straight to your door.

    Symphony Cooler Repair Services

    Symphony is a well-known brand that offers a variety of air coolers, known for their energy efficiency and innovative features. These Coolers are highly commended for their sturdy construction and consistent performance. Expert experts at Quickfixes concentrate on providing trustworthy Cooler repair services, which results in consistent energy output.

    Cooler Repair Services in Kothrud

    Common Issues of Coolers -

    Water Leak Repairs:

    Diagnosing and troubleshooting cooler leaks, our technicians are experts in troubleshooting your cooler. Some solutions include inspecting water connections for leaks, inspecting drains, adjusting flows to prevent flooding or replacing damaged pipes. We are available with PCMC to solve the problem at the most reasonable price.

    Overheating Motor:

    Don’t worry if your motor occasionally overheats; we have solutions like checking for adequate ventilation, making sure the motor isn’t overloaded, and, if necessary, lubricating the motor bearings. Overheating is a frequent issue with coolers, which is frequently brought about either by dust buildup or a broken fan. Our services include complete cleaning to get rid of dust accumulation, making sure there is enough ventilation, and fixing or replacing broken fans to avoid overheating and guarantee peak cooling efficiency. We deliver cooler repair services in Kothrud as well as in all areas near Kothrud.

    Cooler Motor Repairs:

    Repairing or replacing malfunctioning Cooler motors responsible for circulating air inside the cooler.

    Inadequate Cooling:

    There are a few reasons why your refrigerator isn’t as cool as it should be: poor airflow, low coolant levels, or a broken compressor To restore efficient and comfortable cooling to your space, what remains our service includes diagnosing these problems, cleaning air filters, refilling refrigerators as needed, and repairing or replacing problematic components.

    If you live near Kothrud or in pune and you are looking for cooler repair services then you should contact the Quickfixs Air Cooler Service Center in Kothrud. Here the experienced expert helps you to get the best and efficient cooling air at the best reasonable rates.