Top Air cooler repair services in Punawale

Want reliable cooler repair services in Punawale? Contact to quickfixs, we can fix your issues.

Cooler Repair Services in Nigdi

Cooler Repair Services in Punawale

We offer a cooler repair services in many areas in Punawale.

All Cooler Repair Services

portable cooler

Voltas Cooler Repair Services

quickfix for voltas coolers that prolong appliance life and improve cooling efficiency , every voltage cooler will fix by quickfixs.

personal cooler

Usha Cooler Repair Services

excellent ways to improve the function of your usha cooler with technicians rapairs and lasting results.your repairs are quickfixs responsibility.

evaporate cooler in wakad

Bluestar Cooler Repair Services

The best repairs for Bluestar coolers, restoring their cooling power for a chill and comfortable environment. quickfixs gives all cooler repair services.

Bajaj Cooler Repair Services

the finest repair services for nigdi, ensuring optimal functionality and good cooling comfort.quickfixs give all bajaj cooler repair services.


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    Explore with brand specific cooling services

    Symphony's cooler repair Services –

    At Quickfixs, we understand the importance of Symphony coolers in keeping your space cool and comfortable. Our expert technicians are well-versed in handling Symphony cooler repairs, addressing cooling inefficiencies, strange noises, or any other issues to ensure your Symphony cooler functions optimally.

    Usha's Cooler Repair Services –

    For reliable Usha cooler repair services, turn to Quickfixs. We specialize in diagnosing and fixing Usha coolers, addressing concerns such as inadequate cooling, motor issues, or any other malfunctions. Count on us to restore your Usha cooler to its optimal working condition.

    Some Brands specific repair services-

    General problems of Air Cooler

    Low Cooling: 

    Does your air cooler no longer blow a cool breeze like it used to? Quickfixs is an expert in solving problems with poor cooling. Our skilled technicians will look over the parts of your cooler, and fix any barriers or issues, while making sure there is sufficient airflow to generate pleasant and comfortable air.

    Unusual Noises:

    Quickfixs can help you stop the weird and annoying noises your air cooler is producing. Our expert technicians will carefully examine the fan, motor, and other parts to find and deal with the noise’s cause. You can count on us to get your cooler back to its silent, reliable state. 

    Water Leakage: 

    Is the water flowing from your air conditioner? Quickfixs is the answer. Leaks can be quickly and accurately located by our team of experts. You may enjoy hassle-free chilly with our commitment that your cooler will function properly and not leak water, regardless of the cause—a damaged pump, hose, or other device.

    Motor malfunctions: 

    Quickfixs has the know-how to fix the problem if the motor in your air cooler is acting strangely. Our professionals are adept in identifying motor issues, fixing or swapping out broken components, and guaranteeing the motor in your cooler runs properly. You can count on us to complete the repair quickly and effectively so that your cooler continues to function correctly.

    You may count on Quickfixs experts to solve a wide range of air cooler problems, guaranteeing your cooling system operates at its best for a comfortable home or place of business.

    Some Air cooler issues-


    Water Leakage from Air Cooler:

    Symptoms: The air cooler is leaking water, which could harm the floor or the surroundings.

    Reasons: A burst water distribution system, a broken water pump, or an overflowing water tank.

    Solution: As directed by the manufacturer, check the water tank’s level and make any required adjustments. Check for any issues or leaks in the water pump and distribution system.

    Unusual Noises during Operation:

    The symptoms: It is observable that the air cooler is making some unexplainable sounds such as squealing, thumping and rattling.

    Possible causes may include; loose fan blades or damage to the blades, objects lodged in the fan or motor trouble.

    The remedy for this is to check for damaged blades, tighten parts that have become loose and grease the motor if need be. If not you may need to replace some of the damaged material with recently purchased ones.

    Frequent upkeep can help avoid and resolve these problems. This includes cleaning and inspecting for wear and tear. For information relevant to your model of air cooler, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions and manual.